Table 1

Rice Ridge (49-KOD-363) chronology for Excavation Units 2, 3, 5, 6, following Kopperl (2012).

Time PeriodStratacal. BCcal. BPDuration of Occupation
EarlyOcean Bay IK, J, I, H, G5090-47807040-6730~310 years
MiddleOcean Bay IF, E, D, C3910-37705860-5720~ 140 years
LateOcean Bay IIB, A2960-23704910-4320~ 590 years
  • Note: Kopperl (2012:26–27) reported age ranges at both 1-sigma and 2-sigma, with calibrated age-estimate curves of radiocarbon dates generated by OxCal 4.1 (Bronk Ramsey 2009).