Table 4

Ducks commonly available in the Kodiak Archipelago and categories used in archaeological identification.

CommonNestingLarge DuckSmall Duck
Wood duck
Eurasian wigeon
American wigeonXXAmerican wigeon
Eastern spot-billed duck
Blue-winged teal
Cinnamon teal
Northern shovelerXNorthern shoveler
Northern pintailXXNorthern pintail
Green-winged tealXXGreen-winged Teal
Ring-necked duck*XRing-necked duck
Tufted duck
Greater ScaupXXGreater scaup
Lesser scaupX
Steller’s eiderXSteller’s eider
Spectacled eider
King eiderXKing eider
Common eider*XXCommon eider
Harlequin duckXXHarlequin duck
Surf scoterXSurf scoter
White-winged scoterXWhite-winged scoter
Black scoterXXBlack scoter
Long-tailed duckXLong-tailed duck
Common goldeneye
Barrow’s goldeneyeXXBarrow’s goldeneye
Hooded merganser
Common merganserXXCommon merganser
Red-breasted merganserXXRed-breasted merganser
  • Note: Nesting and abundance from MacIntosh (2009) and weights from Sibley (2003). Even though “not common” because they were identified archaeologically, ring-necked and common eider are included; 1,300 g is the cut-off between large and small ducks.