The Rebirth of a People: Reincarnation Cosmology among the Tundra Yukaghir of the Lower Kolyma, Northeast Siberia

Laur Vallikivi and Lena Sidorova

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  • Published online April 20, 2018.

Author Information

  1. Laur Vallikivi and
  2. Lena Sidorova
  1. Laur Vallikivi, Department of Ethnology, Institute of Cultural Research and Arts, University of Tartu, Ülikooli 16-204, Tartu, 51003, Estonia; laur.vallikivi{at}
  2. Lena Sidorova, Department of Cultural Studies, Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Peoples of the North-East, North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk, Belinsky 58-226, Yakutsk, 677000, Russia; la.sidorova{at}
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