Leaving Novaȋa Zemlȋa: Narrative Strategies of the Resettlement of the Nenets

Karina Lukin


The article examines narrative strategies in recollections related to the resettlement of the Nenets from Novaȋa Zemlȋa during the 1950s. The material consists of interviews and ethnographic fieldwork, newspaper articles, literature on the history of Novaȋa Zemlȋa, and an Internet discussion forum. The strategies are analyzed to be borne at the intersection of public and private discourses and varying relations to the so-called authorized discourse and the nuclear uncanny that those recollecting use and recreate in their reminiscences. The nuclear uncanny and the authorized discourse are used to separate the narrated event (the past) from the contemporary narrative event and to create connections between them.

  • 1. This paper is part of a series of publications focusing on Arctic Oral History. The series is one outcome of the Finnish Academy Project ORHELIA (Oral History of Empires by Elders in the Arctic), decision number 251111.

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