At the Foot of the Smoking Mountains: The 2014 Scientific Investigations in the Islands of the Four Mountains

Virginia Hatfield, Kale Bruner, Dixie West, Arkady Savinetsky, Olga Krylovich, Bulat Khasanov, Dmitry Vasyukov, Zhanna Antipushina, Mitsuru Okuno, Susan Crockford, Kirsten Nicolaysen, Breanyn MacInnes, Lyman Persico, Pavel Izbekov, Christina Neal, Thomas Bartlett III, Lydia Loopesko and Anne Fulton


An interdisciplinary research team conducted archaeological, geological, and biological investigations in the Islands of the Four Mountains, Alaska during the summer of 2014 as part of a three-year project to study long-term geological and ecological patterns and processes with respect to human settlement. Researchers investigated three archaeological sites on Chuginadak Island (SAM-0014, SAM-0016 and SAM-0047) and two archaeological sites on Carlisle Island (AMK-0003 and SAM-0034) as well as peat, tephra, and lava deposition on those islands. These investigations resulted in the delineation of archaeological sites, documentation of geological and cultural stratigraphy, excavation of house-pit features, visual characterization and sampling of potential lithic sources, and documentation of Unangan occupation in the Islands of the Four Mountains from roughly 3,800 years ago to Russian contact.

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