Wendy H. Arundale


In keeping with the spirit of the workshop/symposium entitled “Narrative That Heals,” I want to begin by acknowledging and thanking my friends and colleagues who inspired this workshop/symposium and made it possible. First, I want to acknowledge those Native Elders and friends who have been willing to teach me over the years, especially my long-standing colleague, Eliza Jones of Koyukuk, Alaska, and another important Elder, the late Susie Williams of Hughes, Alaska. I am grateful that they continue to share their wisdom, for I still have much to learn. Second, I want to thank the participants in this session; they are an outstanding group—they traveled the distance; they spoke the words, sang the songs, and gave from the heart; they made it all happen. Their cooperation and supportiveness eased my job as organizer, convener, and editor. At the end of this introduction are acknowledgments, detailing the ways in which several other people and organizations were essential to both the Quebec City workshop/symposium and this published version of the proceedings, which includes most of the original papers and presentations. My gratitude to all involved is enormous.

  • Wendy H. Arundale, Institute of Arctic Biology University of Alaska Fairbanks, P.O. Box 7000, Fairbanks, Alaska 99775